‘Memories, here…and there’


‘Memories, here… and there’

‘With the hand of my heart from the face of my remembrance; until what I wish for be unveiled and appear in sight out of its secret place’. Le Geoff.

I explore relationships influenced by social history, memory and memorial. Perspectives are orientated between poles of the ‘real’ and the ‘imagined’.

Works contain clues of intention and expectation provided by past eras for the investigation into unreachable and unexplored worlds.

I enjoy a theory of philosopher Husserl, that memory is the ‘perfect circle of presentation’. I seek to realise within works the fact that if the radius of a circle is infinite the circumference will be a straight line.

Evidence of lost or forgotten relationships are as sourced objects assembled within light based works. I attempt to pose the metaphor and elucidate concepts of memorial. Connections between memorial and Spiritualism are explored.

Mirrors are believed by some to ‘contain souls of the dead’; playing with mirrors and video equipment encounters a fluxus of light. The mirror is perhaps, a portal linking this life and the next. It becomes a tool for rendering visualisations of the ‘after-life’.

I seek to recapture the memory of sound and silence by use of materials condusive to picking up the tinyiest of vibrations. I am inspired by a particular space, that within St John’s Church in Nottinghill where a 500 year old organ has been removed for repair. The temporary space is enigmatic and atmospheric and for one year remains empty but for the dust and light. Enquiry for consideration of this space is irresistible.

On long solitary walks, I pass graveyards, litter, people, dogs. I absorb myself into the intensity of the approaching and passing of other walkers after which I loose myself to the silence, a back drop for memorial and all that is lost.

Through musings on the landscape I am able to remember and forget simultaneously. I sense memories exist within the trees and grasses, I can see them, they are invisible. I am reminded to remember that some memories are forgotten. Perhaps they exist suspended in animation within another dimension, awaiting reclamation.

A device is installed that could charm a melancholic response.

								Victoria Haviland 2012
Fine Art